Socio-Spiritual Work of Swami Nityananda

Bhagwan felt, knew and cared for the desires, wishes, needs and prayers of his devotees more than they themselves did. A devotee once prayed inwardly that his salary be increased so that he can send some money to his old ailing mother in his far off native place. Within a week his salary was doubled. He received the increased amount and after sometime elapsed came for Darshan to Ganeshpuri. In the long Darshan line when his turn, came Bhagwan asked him, "Have you sent the money to your mother?". The Devotee realised he had forgotten, but Bhagwan remembered his prayer.

Lakhs of devotees have their individual life experiences to relate how their miseries ended, sickness cured and wanted babies were born. How their business grew, how they left smoking, drinking and other bad habits. Lot of dreaded criminals were openly and loudly rebuked by Bhagwan in darshan line and they reformed. Some even settled down in Ganeshpuri to serve the reformer. The Spiritual seekers found their Mecca in Ganeshpuri. To men of action, Bhagwan said "Do selfless work." Bhaktas sang and danced near their Bhagwan. To jananis Bhagwan advised".

Dissolve the mind in Atma." Those practicing yoga usually went in to meditation spontaneously in the stillness of Bhagwan's presence. After the physical departure of Bhagwan, His mission is growing with greater strength. Ganeshpuri has become a great pilgrimage centre. Bhagwan Nityanand is beyond time and space .A greater number of devotees have Darshan of the Samadhi then ever before. Some meditate on Guru Nityanand, Some recite hymns while others sing from their devotional heart. All feel Nityanand is permanently present here and perpetually showering His blessing. Ganeshpuri is a unique place so tranquil. Unceasingly Bhagwan is continuing his everlasting and immortal work. The devotees feel the same presence of Bhagwan now in the samadhi shrine as when he had a body. Salutation to Bhagwan Nityanand.

The most precious legacy that Sadguru Nityananda has left behind is a treasure trove of his teachings called the Chidakasha Gita. Most scholars and devout Hindus who have read this text believe that it condenses the important principles of the Gita, the Vedas and other holy scriptures and is an important work for those who want to further their sadhana. Seva, or helping others, that was the most important lesson that Sadguru taught his devotees. Through his ashram and by spreading his teachings, Sadguru's devotees continue to help society in any way that they can. It is their fervent hope that by helping their fellow human beings, they serve God Himself.

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